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With this expertise, we can offer you tried and tested solutions to meet the needs of an extremely wide range of applications, we can offer you comprehensive advice so that you can take advantage of all production possibilities.

How We Help You

Designs compatible for 3D printing are crucial in order to fully exploit the technology’s potential. It is therefore important to know how to design 3D printed components to enable you to create solutions that are suitable for production. This includes generating the right support structures and, where applicable, adjusting parameter settings.

SIDE MEKANIK products are not standard products; our specialty is in special products which are available in low volume orders with quick lead times.

Product Service

We provide solutions to your required fastenings needs.

Tech Developer

The original design has been re-designed and re-engineered, resulting in an optimised 3D printed component.

Supply Consultant

Securing our Company image through providing high quality products is where we excel, but without integrity we would not have long lasting partnerships.

We Are Leading Machining Company

For Over 30+ Years In Metal Industry





Our Perspective and Principles

Side Mekanik operates with a focused vision: To be the number one solution provider of machined components for our current and future customers. To achieve that vision our managing system build on four basic principles:

“We apply creative solutions to exceed expectations internally and externally.”

We deliver creative solutions by:
• Pursuing continual improvement
• Challenging the limits of conventional thinking to drive positive change
• Engaging customers to achieve synergy 

“Our reputation is everything.”

We preserve and enhance our reputation by:
• Operating with the highest ethical standards
• Focusing on customer needs
• Contributing positively to global community and environment 

“We equip our employees to succeed.” 

We nurture success with:
• Realistic goals and standards; with accountability and regular performance feedback
 • Training opportunities for growth and learning
 A safe, modern work environment 

“We act with honor in all of our interactions.”

In our interactions, we:
• Accept and value individual differences
• Work together with a positive attitude
• Promote open and honest communication in a team based environment 


Utilizes advanced machining technology and precision measuring equipment to insure product integrity and reliability throughout manufacturing

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